Help for tundra tower

mon = len(hero.findMonsters())
    for i in hero.findMonsters():
        if len(i) > mon:
            hero.special("burst", 52, 51.5)

I am trying to make it detect newly spawned monsters and burst there but I can’t. any help?

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What is len(i) doing? Im pretty sure you can’t use len() on monster objects.


do you have a way to do this then? i havent been able to figure it out

If your looking to burst them over the edge, I would recommend just bursting every 3 seconds, it works for me…

if hero.time % 3 < 0.1 or hero.time % 3 > 2.9:
    hero.special("burst", x, y)

you have to replace x and y with your coordinates