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Two questions about local dev environment


First,how often does the database dump update?
Second,should I clone github repository if updated?
Thank you a lot.


Database dump is updated every… 5 minutes? 45 minutes? Somewhere in there. @schmatz how come I can never remember this?

You should be able to sync your fork regularly to keep pace with changes in origin/master.


It changed recently. At one point it was 5 minutes, but the poor little server we’re using now can’t really handle that frequency, so I changed it to once a day. Should I make it more frequent?


Thanks,I got it.I don’t think it is neccessary to update too often because of its poor fixes.
BTW,if I want to update db,how can I keep the record I have made?


We don’t have a process for keeping local changes while upgrading the database dump, but if there aren’t many, you could copy-and-paste the changes you made to a text file, then paste them back in after the database restore. To do anything more than that, you’ll probably need to dig into the mongo shell and write a script to backup and restore certain models.