Code Combat not reacting locally

Hi guys,
I have followed all the install steps (excepts mongoDB restore) on Mac OS X Yosemite and all went smoothly. I start the dev, the game starts and loads perfectly, but then I have no interactions. Looking at the console I have a couple 404, for all calls looking after /db/… and probably mainly sessions.

Therefore, the game, after being started, does nothing when I try to click on the first circle at the very beginning. I have it also described in :

Thanks for your help,

Hey Matt, the DB dump is only optional if you want to do stuff that doesn’t involve playing/editing levels, since the levels are in the DB dump. So that’s why you are getting the 404s on levels and are unable to create new sessions for them.

I hadn’t realized the DB dump had gotten to 2GB–it seems like just yesterday that it was just 700MB! I’ve opened this issue to track efforts on shrinking the public dump size:

Thanks Nick for replying and tackling the issue. As answered on GitHub, I am willing to help, but I fear the dump script is not in the repo.