URGENT help needed

hello everyone ,
i am new to this
i wanted to set up a developement environment in windows
and luckily i setted up perfectly and now it is running in localhost:3000
but now what should i do to start developing ?
even that rescue mission is not loading

Can you please describe the error? What does the server logs say?

Edit: I’m guessing you didn’t download the database dump. Download it from here, and then run mongorestore [path_to_dump]

when i start the server using using SCOCODE.bat
localhost:host is create but i cant edit or play any game…
it says ‘Level. cannot be not load :rescue mission’

I’m thinking the issue is related to the database. Have you set up mongodb correctly as given in the wiki? Also, did you then set the location of the database correctly by editing SCOCODE.bat?

I’m sorry I’m not being very helpful- I work on OSX so I really do not know the exact problems that could arise in Windows.


Let me know if you have any more luck in Ubuntu. It certainly seems like the database restore didn’t actually pull in the level data. If it worked, you’d also have a lot of ThangTypes at http://localhost:3000/editor/thang – are those present?