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Undiscovered worlds


What are these worlds? I wonder what will be in there?

and this:

I am just wondering.


An ice castle with ogres, probably.

And we don’t talk about the last level.


This topic might be for the staffs because i think they know.


Doesn’t mean they are going to tell… :wink:

...or maybe they already have...

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Same here, I know but I completed all the levels or world as you might say it but it would be out soon.(Hopefully) :slight_smile:


We may or may not have any idea what we’re doing with the ice and volcano worlds.

What kind of stuff would you like to see in those?


Maybe a nostalgia level near the volcano that has a maze


I would like to see a new thang called the gangster that is neutral in the ice world.


Adventure time, the Ice King. hehehe. :slight_smile: