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Ideas for names for the volcano world


Here’s a topic to post fun images about what the name for our fellow unnamed volcano world. Special thanks to @maka and @Bryukh
Here’s an example(You have to click on this image to see the title.):

And also this:


I’m all for Pleasantweather Feelgood Lava Falls.


That does sound like a fun place to visit – but maybe not a great one to go adventuring in. :slight_smile:


Added another one @maka.


Here’s a suggestion. How about Dragonflame Volcano? :volcano::fire: (Fyrerealm also sounds nice but I want to follow the pattern the other campaigns follow: cool name, description of biome. Possible level name though? :thinking:)


Update: We want levels to play in kelvintaph glacier and the volcano world. At least that’s the only way we can call Illa to come to the world of codecombat. That’s is what Ritic said to me in kelvintaph glacier. Here’s a photo Ritic took for me.