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Unlock Cloudrip Mountain


I´m Level 35 Adventurer and I have Played every Level exept the Desert Clone Level. I need to know witch level i have to play so i can unlock the Cloudrip Moutain?

Thanks, pixel


I think it’s Harrowland.
Also, just to make sure, have you played the clone level or has it never showed up at all?


I have played the clone level but i can´t beat it yet :frowning:
I look out for Harrowland but I think i have played it.


You must defeat Clash of Clones in order to Unlock Cloudrip Mountain


Thanks for your fast respons! Than I have to try it some more time. Do you have a good tactic to beat my clone?


Very easy level, loop attack, cleave, bash etc. to win


Or don’t equip yourself with a sword. Your clone does not understand or use bash ability, so use that to your advantage. Shield when your bash ability is on cooldown.
If they force you to equip something in your weapon slot, just grab a hammer.


Equip your self with the weak weapon but try using the emperor’s gloves as an upper hand.