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Unwanted victories:(SOLVED)

It may be i’m just missing it. I’ve just recently started playing and there are sometimes when the goals of the maps are rather easy. But i want to try to do things differently.

My frustration though, is that sometimes my solution works just not how i want it to and i cant tweak it with out having to go back to the page.

Example: multiplayer-treasure-grove
I collect my 100 coins, but i know i can do it better and in a way that can beat more players.
The annoyance is once i hit my 100 coins easily i’m faced with 2 options :

Subscribe or Rank my game.

I don’t want to do either. What i WANT TO DO is click “Cancel” on that prompt and keep tweaking my code.

So yeah, anyway we can get a retry option?


You can hit the ESC key on the victory screen.


Thank you. I’ll give that a try :slight_smile: Save me a lot of frustrating refreshes <3
Which is nice when one is already frustrated with tweaks not working :slight_smile:

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