No Achievement Panel

I enjoy Code Combat and want to track my achievements. I want to know at a glance what I could work on. For example, have I defeated a “hard” opponent in a multiplayer level challenge yet? The current achievement display is, to my knowledge, just a list of completed achievements.

Please add a basic achievement window that shows completed and more importantly not yet completed achievements!!! You could also add “almost done” achievements, recommended achievements to go for, etc., but a very simple/fast panel of the achievements with the ones a player does not have grayed out would suffice.

Actually, there is a panel of achievements:

You can find it in the circled place in the screenshot.

Ah yes, so there is/was! Thanks.

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No problem :slight_smile:. Always glad to help!

Hey, I just realized when I came back to this account after a long absence and did reset progress, it also now shows I don’t have certain achievements such as " Signed Up - You just signed up for the most awesome coding game." Is there any way I could get a mod to give me those or something?

Hmm, I’m not sure. Maybe try contacting the support mail?

Yup ty. I emailed them about fixing my achievements if possible and about hopefully helping to solve the whole “silver” and “gold” AI achievements. Like, I’ve beaten the simple CPU and easy, normal, and hard players in the multiplayer Cavern level, but the silver AI and gold AI achievements never unlocked. That level might not have even existed when I first started this account, so I don’t think I had gotten those achievements before. Also, any other achievements that should be possible for me to get seem to be working, so.