"Level could not be loaded: rescue-mission" : Localhost

I have just set up the environment in my local machine to run CodeCombat game. Everything works perfectly and the site opens up in localhost. But on pressing “Play” the game doesn’t start. Its shows “Level could not be loaded: rescue-mission”. None of the images get loaded.

Hi @shubhpatel108, did you get this working by doing the database restore step from the wiki? https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/wiki/Developer-environment#wiki-database

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Yes. The command for restoring database is perfect. But using the newest versin of “dump” folder doesn’t work. You need to download it from: [https://s3.amazonaws.com/CodeCombatLargeFiles/public_dump.tar.gz][1]

(i.e. the same link provided on wiki to download the not up-to-date version ).
[1]: https://s3.amazonaws.com/CodeCombatLargeFiles/public_dump.tar.gz