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Im just not understanding on what im doing wrong.


That’s weird… I can’t see anything wrong with that code. I can only guess that it doesn’t work for objects with properties?

When something doesn’t work like this, though, always remember that you can make your own to fit your needs.

def objectIs(obj1, obj2):
    return obj1.x == obj2.x and obj1.y == obj2.y


Thanks. Ive already made a temporary fix similar to what said. I just wish I could use the one already made. Maybe its a bug. I never used Object before so im not to familiar with these functions. My code is a kind of similar to the third example shown in the picture of


Yeah, I’ve never used it before either. I used vectors for Kelvintaph Burgler, using some of the code from Circle Walking. You’re in for a couple of really tough levels right now. This one and (especially) the one after it are the hardest levels, in my opinion.


I would use Vectors but on the previous levels with Vectors I honestly didnt have a clue on what I was doing.


Honestly, I was the exact same way. I’ve taken linear algebra (lots of vectors and matrices), but I still don’t really get what they’re going for most of the time. Still, though, the code for circle walking can be applied almost directly.

You’ll pretty much need some vector stuff when you unlock Nalfar. (if you’re subscribed)


Is that the last map that says ??? for the name? The volcano looking map.


Nah, volcano map hasn’t been named yet. There are no levels past Glacier, and if you’re not subscribed, there are only a few more levels left. One or two of the locked Glacier levels can’t actually be played, too.


“Precision Kicking” unlocks Nalfar (to the far left of glacier)