When will the volcano world be released?


I would like to know when the volcano world will come out?


did you finish everything in glacier?
I don’t think the volcano world is coming out. EVER. Since they don’t have much concepts to teach you. :frowning: I finished everything in glacier and I’m sooo BORED.


I’ve finished every level now. I guess it’s simulating time or play testing.


good idea… but even though i signed up for adventurer, it won’t let me play the difficult coin. Why?


It will email your about it. I dunno how to fix it if it won’t send you.


umm… then who should i mail to have it fixed?


You know your email for your c.c account? If you know your email and know where the mailbox is and it still won’t come email team@codecombat.com. :slightly_smiling_face:


ok thanks for the tip i just sent the email to the team


what I did was just restarted