Wackiest Armor challenge!

Guys, I thought of a new challenge, the wackiest armor challenge (WAC)!
Send a screenshot of your wacky armor in codecombat and the winner will be announced by June!

Here’s mine armor:

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by wackiest do you mean silliest or worst

i will also create a topic of best armor and anouce the winner

Silliest also works, doesn’t necessary have to be da worst

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can u join my armor topic

dude i did, now post ur armor! this is a challenge, not a place to chat

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ok i will

NO armor hhah

Note: you cannot copy others people’s armor

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But I didn’t did I ?

this sounds like fun

yes it is very funny

what is your cc name
mine is PS4 Battle royale

my code combat name is C҉a҉p҉t҉a҉i҉n҉ J҉e҉r҉m҉ E҉g҉g҉

AlvaroBoi or Alvaroboi

that looks corrupted

okay thank you


ok what your clan in cc

im in Gators(C҉a҉p҉t҉a҉i҉n҉ J҉e҉r҉m҉ E҉g҉g҉ )

hey anyone else participating

@EpicCoder999 you have 54 views for this topic