Topic about stuff thats random that has something to do about codecombat

post your favorite sword, crossbow, staff, robe, etc

ummmmm sry if im being mean but there already is a topic for anything as long as you dont spam sooooooo ya

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Although the title is quite general and would probably be merged into the big topic, I think if you stick to what you say above then I don’t see the problem.
My favourite stuff:
Sword: Temple guard
Ranger weapon: gift of the trees
Wizard weapon: Vine staff or gold storm wand
Armour: all the best ones, except for the warrior where I like the dark dragonplate because the enameled dragonplate is ugly, and I can’t afford it :grin:.
Other favourite things: Undead tombe V, Elemental tombe V, Emperor’s gloves, Invis ring.


Sword: Temple Guard or Forgotten
Ranger weapon: Gift of the Trees or Precision Rifle
Wizard weapon: None because I don’t use wizards that often.


Sword: Morning"s Edge
Helmet: enameled dragonplate
Chestgear: Worn dragonplate
Ring: the precious
(I’m not a subscriber, so I can’t really comment on ranger and wizard stuff.)

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ok 20charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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