Wackiest Armor challenge!


Try getting a better pet and glasses

I got ritic yesterday! I got subscription the day before. I’m working on this stuff.

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Good to hear (20 char)

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my good armor is here

also don’t bolow all your money on rangers strengthen your wizards by getting nalfar unholy tome v and book of life v also get griffin embroiled armor and that is it

This is the best equipment you have ever seen

This like so good the stuff on the side total garbage

i know right?? :joy: :joy:

best armour in the game:

don’t u wonder why this topic has 77 msgs?

how about this

Isn’t this great armor

the real best armor

this is wacky armor not best armor @riticmaster9087

why does gordon have such a small head?

no idea and doesn’t Okar just put on a shirt if you can put on pants you can put on a shirt

maybe he doesn’t want a shirt because he wants to show off his abs.

he can just put on one of those vests that just leave half of you top exposed

how did you get the Tauren equipment? html editing?
ohh i see your topic there

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i dont’ have subscription :sob: