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Wakka Maul stops at finishing screen (wooden bar)



Wakka Maul cant be finished. (
Once you press the green button, the wooden bar drops down.
Then it stops either while loading or shortly after.
You cannot finish the level.

You should be able to finish it though :wink:
Windows 8
Chrome Version 52.0.2743.82 m


Here’s few things that might fix your issue:

  1. Try to clean you browser cache,
  2. Close then re-open you broswer,
  3. If the steps above doesn’t help, try to update you browser or Adobe Flash to the latest version.

Hope this helps, thank you.


Hey @Tobias_Kreuzig, I just fixed a bug with this, too. Can you let me know if @Kurniawan_P’s debugging steps help? (You don’t need to update Flash, since we use HTML 5.) If you still see the error, can you check the JS console for red error messages that pop up when you beat the level?


Thx for support. @Kurniawan_P sadly your advices did not help.
@nick I have two red Messages in the console, I attached a Screenshot.


I got another one: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT


That last error usually means you have a browser extension (possibly an ad blocker or antivirus) that is blocking a game file, and that will likely cause the game to malfunction.

Please try whitelisting the file in your blocker/antivirus extension, or try disabling such browser extensions, or open Chrome’s Incognito Mode (which disables all extensions by default, except those that you explicitly allow in incognito mode), or try in a different browser. :slight_smile:


I whitelisted the page everywhere, used diffrent Browser and Incognito Mode but the problem still appears.
@UltCombo did you try to finish the level?


Mixpanel not loading is fine, shouldn’t affect anything. The error is the 404 because it’s trying to get the undefined course’s levels. How did you get to Wakka Maul so that the URL was just Usually it would have a courseID in the URL associated with it, so that’s what is going wrong. Can you help us debug by listing steps to reproduce where it takes you to that URL without the course? Thanks!


My bad, I thought it was a core plugin/library for a second, now I see Mixpanel is just an analytics tracker.

Yeah, I did finish the level using the /play/level/wakka-maul?team=humans URL but it was several months ago. You can see my profile has attained the “Wakka Maul - Beat Thoktar AI” achievement on December 6 2015 to prove that.

With the current level version, I get the same bug as you when I submit.

@nick Maybe this level could be released in the campaign mode as well? In the earlier Dungeon map, maybe. I think it wouldn’t do anything bad, and it was pretty fun developing a strategy with such restricted gear and methods, in my opinion.


I get there like this:
Login with Studentaccount.
Click onto "My Account->Profile"
Then I see a List of my Singleplayer Level, and below of that there is Multiplayerlevel list.
Within this List there is this Link:

I tried to take the course-hash of another level and pasted it at the end of the link. But this did not help either