Want to commit to learning to code? Try Beeminder's new CodeCombat integration

Beeminder is a great power tool that geeks like me love to use to make sure we get stuff done. Our friends over at Beeminder have created a new CodeCombat integration to help track your coding progress towards your goal. Check it out here: Beeminder CodeCombat integration

Note that Beeminder’s premise sounds a little weird at first: they let you set goals and then they take your money if you don’t achieve them! This is known as a commitment contract, and to me, it’s way more effective than other ways of setting goals, because the possibility of the real, negative consequence makes me stay on track with whatever it is I want to do. Having stayed on track, I don’t actually pay Beeminder anything. Win! For more on my thinking here, I wrote a blog post on this approach several years back.