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Need better gear? Earn gems for simulating games


I’ve finally gotten simulating ladder games for gems and exp working, so if you’re just shy of that piece of gear you need, go on over to a multiplayer ladder and hit the simulate tab, then start simulating. Or just leave a tab or two open on this link:

You earn 20x0.4 gems and exp from simulating, where x is the number of games simulated, so you can snag a few hundred gems pretty quickly, but it will slow down a bit as you simulate more and more games. If you eventually simulate millions of games (thanks!), you can get quite a few gems:

But the first few hundred come quickly:

Hope this helps!

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Cool :slight_smile: I just hit 20,000 simulated. That’s where I thought I got my extra gems previously.

edit: Ha! :slight_smile: Simulating in 5 tabs at once raises my CPU temp by 20 degrees C :stuck_out_tongue:


nick my achievements dont seem to update when I reload the page btw Im simulating in 2 tabs right now


Right, simulating games will only update your achievement every once in a while (10% of the time you save your user object, maybe by beating a level or changing a setting or something). Otherwise you’d constantly be seeing the simulation achievement pop up. So if you really want to refresh your gems from simulating, play some more levels or twiddle your CodeCombat volume a bunch of times.



Did it “backpay”? or just make the “new” payment and claim that you have already earned the rest.

It says:

Simulated ladder games - 19829x
The citizens of ladderville thank you.
5 days ago 1047 1047xp

but my total of 305 gems seems to say that it never actually gave me the 1047. I had 55 when I noticed that the mistaken achievement earnings had been removed and before I noticed that the achievement for simulations had changed from a flat 100. So I really don’t know if the total is right or not…???.. If it is off, I would guess it is only off in the 200-500 area.

I wish I hadn’t been playing the last couple of days :smile: . . . then I would have a clean gem earnings record, instead of a cluttered one. (mistaken earnings - purchase - removal of mistaken earnings + simulation gems + replayable level earnings + ??) all make for much confusion. (It is probably spot on, and it is my silly brain that is confused.)



If it hasn’t backpaid you for the simulated games yet, it will when my script finishes later tonight, so don’t worry–you can’t have lost any gems that you should have, just possibly overspent while you mistakenly had extra. Thanks for simulating so many ladder games!


With 10 tabs running simulations all 8 cores are working hard :smile:
They seem to cover the 45 to 70% range in CPU usage.

CPU Temp is fluctuating from 55 to 60 C with water cooling. So that’s a 25 to 30 degree bump. Those sims take a lot of work! I’m usually pretty steady at 30C.


It only makes sense to have one tab open per CPU core, minus one so your computer can still do other things (if you’re going to be using it). Well, except that sometimes it’s waiting on network to load game details, if your network isn’t super fast, so you can get a few more tabs open that way. I don’t want to melt your CPUs though!


You’re welcome and thank you for the trickle payment, it is much appreciated.

I have a “old” 32bit linux box I use(d) for checking email, watching a minecraft map and now it also runs simulations… Slow and steady, single “core”, one window, 24hrs a day, six days a week (every two-three days it might “oh snap”) but otherwise it chugs along fine. (My 64b box on the other hand has issues, but that is a different thread.)


Thanks nick it worked very well


How can I end the simulation ?
When i simply close tab and later my browser ( Google Chrome,64 bit, OS X Yosemite ) this cause Google Chrome to crash.


That’s strange, I don’t know why it should crash. Closing the tab should be fine. It crashes all of Google Chrome, later, from having closed the simulation tab earlier?


That’ll be tough to prove.


It’s OK now. I don’t play World of Tanks and CodeCombat (simulation ) at the same time. :smile:


Next update ?

Achievement for ladder simulations won't update

when you get to 5636 simulations should get you one more gem. :smile:

Sorry, My eyes skipped the “games simulated 15861”

nick mentioned somewhere you need to do certain things to cause it to update. Such as repeatedly clicking on the sound control (there are other things that happen as you play normally, but clicking multiple times on the speaker button in the corner of the codecombat area (dungeon/desert/etc) screen is easily controlable by you (does it for me)) (need to refresh the page to get the gem total to show the update, (or change to different area))

Achievement for ladder simulations won't update

Clicking 6 times on the sound control updated my gems !


But that’s so hard to do!


such a perfect idea. nice work, Nick!


That’s awesome! I love the concept :smiley: