Weird simulation bugs in Ace of Coders and Zero Sum

Recently I started noticing some weird simulation results:
Here I win against mercurym in Zero Sum but one of the results says I lost. (I’m pretty sure it isn’t a seed thing because I’m 99% sure Zero Sum uses the same seeds for each match between specific players.)
Screenshot from 2023-06-06 17-22-59
And here I win against dlxx but it shows that I lost.
Screenshot from 2023-06-06 17-23-59

Did you try spectate mode instead of Defeat the Blue button? Sometimes it reveals surprises…

That doesn’t seem to be the case
Ace of Coders:

Zero Sum:

Arrghh… So, IDK, what it could be. Sometimes CoCo is quite strange place.

Sometimes theese errors could affect battle and influence results.

That’s… A lot of stuff I don’t understand :sweat_smile: (and tabs) is there any way I can get rid of those errors?

The same) I’d like to know too)

I put an issue report on github once. But in that case i was sure about the bug influencing loss.

Results of simulation and “Run in real time” mode differs diametrically

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