Stop cheating in zero sum

@TheCodingCrusader22 STOP CHEATING!!

Might just be a bug…

I attacked my self, simulation shows that i lost, but…

Still, might just be a bug, we’ll see

Well, did it happened to you?

Sorry I was just testing because @moonwatcher348 had said he did it and forgot to change it back I will fix it when I get back from my cousin’s house on Monday

  1. pls use (@)username and not @username when like mentioning someone but like not wanting them to think the post is really important
  2. why not fix it now
  3. what were you testing ;-;

Sorry for pinging but I was testing to see if it it still works since you hade done it and I can’t fix it now because I am at my cousin’s house I am on a phone to do discourse

fixed it now (20 chars)