Shows up as a loss, but it was a win

I was playing some ace of coders, and playing around with some vectors, for kiting. One time, played a bunch of people and it shows up as like 10 losses. I looked at it, and in every single one, I won. But the match ranking showed up as loss. Played Is this bug? This is getting extremely aggravating, because I am in 467th place, and my rating is tanking due to unfair reasons. Also, I beat the diamond ai, gold ai, and platinum, but it"claims" i lost to silver. I checked, and i beat it within 30 sec.

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Well, I just know it happens. Sometimes thing could be in random seed and sometimes I get obviously impossible loss or tie (I’ll add video a little bit later - got to go now). A couple of times I even got impossible victories)
Changing code may help. Or try another browser to open such trouble battle. I read also about spectate mode, but as far as I remember it freezes also, if battle regime crashes.

It’s possibly because different seeds mean variations in conditions, and those slight variations can lead to success/failure. It implies that although you can beat them in one particular seed, you cannot consistently beat them. A perfect code will be able to beat them no matter the condition of the seed.

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But I lost to I guy who had a syntx error at the start, and he did nothing.
When I clicked defeat the blue, the guy got killed by ice yaks in the first 20 seconds,

Sometimes CoCo gives really strange results of multyplayer levels battles. F.e.:

I hardly believe that it could be tie with "knight" having 322 hp (10 times less that me with 3398 hp).
Or here is one more, even better one:

I have 3324 hp and my foe "knight" has only 48 hp at 35 second of battle and then kaboom - CoCo freezes and gives a tie as a result. Really frustrating a bit))

After little tweaks my code run well, but I think it doesn’t exclude possibility of this glitch in other rounds.

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So strange! I’ll forward this to Nick and see if he can do anything.


In all the arena levels that we’ve released, we set the random seed type to playerSession, which means the random seed will always be the same between two players. So, if you are getting different results, it could be:

  1. Your opponent resubmitted her code since the match result was recorded
  2. The level or our game engine code has changed since the match result was recorded
  3. We have some bug

Presumably, unless your opponent has been active very recently or you’re playing an in-development level, it’s usually #3. But, it shouldn’t be related to random seeds.


@Nick I played against a guy who had a syntax error, and he still won.
WWhen I clicked View Defeat, it was an instakill, under 30 sec.

I backup code for aw3som3nest to previous version and it gives tie again. As i mentioned, spectate mode crashes in such cases wrong link changed to post link)
It’s funny, but looks like other tabs with CoCo staff (like ladders) were almost unable to load while spectate mode tab was opened.

As far as i understand grey part of log was written when game with code editor was loaded (and I see only one trouble there) and red part - with game loaded in spectator mode (with 2 lines of warning repeated many times).

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Maximum call stack size is an error I usually come across when something is being looped for some reason. (Ie when I made a component it triggers one thing, like takeDamage, but takeDamage triggers the same thing, so it loops and returns maximum call stack size error) I’ll try looking at his code ASAP to see if it’s causing any errors. Is there any other player that you face the same error?

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Strange. Just checked the code of awesomenest, it seems like there’s nothing problematic about it except there’s a missing if statement, so it returns an error. (Undefined target) However, that shouldn’t cause the entire arena to crash. (My firefox crashed trying to load the simulation)

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Hmm, how’d you get that spectate link? That’s two red-team ("humans") sessions against each other, so it’s invalid.


Pretty sure it’s not) [EDIT - It is]
Lemme check and show…

UPD: I apologize, my fault - manually constructed link(
Valid one is here: me vs aw3som3nest
I changed code to invoke tie and accepted it. Now with proper link spectate mode loads fine but ends the same way as in-game round:


Hey I have a question:
I was working on my Diamond AI for castle wars, but when I was done making the AI, it showed it lost every match. But when I went to see why, every match was won.
I even looked at the spectate, and every match the AI played, it won.

By that I mean strange behavior when

The logs show some invalid velocities getting into the collision system in that particular match, so we will have to trace those back and see what weird corner case did that.

Does it do better on red vs. blue side, perhaps?


I copied code royale, which you made a ladder remember?
Forked it, created some new accounts, made the AI, made some code.
It fixed now tho.
Although, in Ace of Coding, I lost to a guy with a syntax error.

Sometimes when people have error it counts as a loss. It happened to me too but that was like 1 year ago.

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One more case to piggy bank)

UPD and this