What are the BEST items in CoCo?

What are the absolute BEST items in CoCo(IN ALL CLASSES)?? (depending on DPS, damage, range, etc.)

ez gift of the trees, mornings edge and vine staff

yeah its ez pretty ez

What about rings, shields(Deflector obviously) and all that?

shiver deflector order of the paladin andddddddddd unholy tomb v

Watches? Those things which are like necklaces but not?

Boss Stars???

amber necklace and gilt wristwatch

Including unreleased???

boss star V(of course)

i think hmm the oniko ring or whatever its called

what about Ezeroth’s timepiece? It has some cool abilities, and they’re make a few more, I think.

i think the runesword is the best for warriors cause it is practically OP.

But it’s super slow. . .

The Enchanted Stick
Jokes aside, it’s probably Gift of the Trees and Shiver.

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Is there shiver in the game?


but it has really good dmg and DPS to make up for it

Yes, but it’s not that useful for swarms. I like the Sword of the Forgotten, or the Sword of the Temple Guard more.

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I personally prefer morning’s edge myself.

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