What are the best weapons/armor in CodeCombat?

Whats the best sword in codecombat?
With a mix of different effects, damage, and many other stuff, what is the best meelee in codecombat?
Right now i think it is the runesword, but i’m not sure…

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I pick the Enchanted Stick…sorry, just kidding :grin:

Personally, I lean towards the Sword of the Forgotten.


Hammer;) :grin: I prefer this kind of weapon. One can kinda pretend to be Thor))


im pretty sure thats not a weapon

Thor would disagree with this statement )

But yes, here in CoCo game hammer couldn’t be used as weapon directly. But with hammer replacing weapon you can build fences, decoys an some other interesting things)

In my country there was popular for some period of time joke/proverb: “In prehistoric man’s hands even a stick is a tool”, meaning that intelligence may turn even simple thing into something useful)

As for weapon I agree with @dedreous. I used to play with Sword of the Forgotten or with Runesword.


Sword of the temple guard is also pretty good if you don’t want to knock back the enemies with every attack.


I like the sword of the temple guard for the levels with a lot of enemies and the sword of the forgoten for the tougher enemies (and the hammer in levels that I do not need to summon troops).



Nice! What about the best armor?

For warriors it is the Enameled Dragonplate set with either the Emperor’s gloves or Worker’s gloves.


Yes but I always use these even if I have enough money to buy more powerful ones because I think think they’re powerful. Are they? (I’m talking about my armor and all the other stuff I own):


I find the Deflector to extremely good when it comes to bashing enemies. It also grants a ton of extra health


I prefer the morning’s edge.

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It’s handy because it will one-hit a munchkin, but can do it really fast. One moment there’s a munchkin swarm, the next there isn’t. It’s also pretty cheap.

also flash deals damage as well like 20

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25 to be the exact amount

on heros it does more.

100 to be the exact amount

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