What is the best ring in CodeCombat

I think Order of the Paladan, the Precious and Tomb Ring are the best rings. here are some ideas:

Best ring in CodeCombat
  • Tarnished Copper Band
  • Woven Strand
  • Ring of Speed
  • Steel Ring
  • Order of the Paladin
  • The Precious
  • Tomb Ring

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Choose one based on some of these sources, experience or other.

I know I forgot one I am on level 36 so I don’t know the name of the other one

its called “earth skin”

oh too late to edit now

Also missing Thornprick which is great against munchkins. You can pass levels without any code by letting them attack you and the damage reflection will eventually kill the munchkins if you have enough armor to take the damage.

It kind of is not a ring just look at the shape of it, it is like a belt

I don’t disagree with your observation, but regardless of the odd shape; it is categorized as a ring and will fill a ring slot, not the belt slot.


Okay but I can’t edit it now or else all the people who voted would have lost their vote

maybe it’s one of those two-finger rings.

I don’t think so @_Codemaster since I don’t think codecombat would pay attention to that

I was just contemplating the art for it. Is it so wrong to have a theory?

It isn’t wrong to think that it might be a two finger ring but I don’t think CodeCombat would make a slot for that

Thornprick is an all-star of swarm control for sure. It deals 5 damage back per attack, making it quite vicious against small mobs and fast-attacking mobs.

why cleave when the munchkins kill each other