What are your favorite Roblox games?

i can try
(char of 20)

Anyone else wanna play world // zero? I have 45 mins and I can use it at any time except for 16:00 gmt I think or later than 20:30 gmt

This is not related to the topic.

Well, the topic is mostly about Roblox, so this is better than creating a new topic. So, that is true, however, not really relevant in my opinion

I mean, this topic exists:

Didn’t see the first part, I’ll post there next time, but no point in deleting the post already here since it’s mostly on-topic

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Except that topic is 100% dead.

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It’s known that it’s better to revive a dead topic than writing unnecessary posts that are not related in other topics.

But in this case, it is related, just not FULLY related

So I’m not sure which is better, tbh I just said that to stop the argument, because pretty much no one checks that topic anymore

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No, it is absolutely not related. The idea of this topic was about favourite Roblox games for CodeCombat, not for general Roblox discussion.

And yet, 1. People have used it for also “completely unrelated” stuff before, and it wasn’t a problem, but it’s a problem with this? 2. This is still Roblox, 3. You’re saying stuff that it not at all related to Roblox or any other thing in this topic, so I suggest you stop trying to prove your point, because you’re kinda filling the topic with other stuff too

I try to help the Community as much as I can, I can’t help it always, unfortunately.
And it’s a problem with this because you’ve written off-topic posts more than once, and every time you disagree with me.
And yes, I filled the topic with other important stuff because you still, after many times, haven’t learnt your lesson.
However, I have to stop writing here because unfortunately, looks like you will never understand your fault.


lets get back on topic folks!


u have 3 hrs of video game time???1!?!
i have 1h 30min

I technically have infinite time since I have a hack… but yes, and I have 3 hours since I have no life lol

also, off-topic much? pm me next time pls ;-;