What do you mean 'significant contribution'?

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what do you mean 'significant contribution? :confused:
because I want one of those!:open_mouth::laughing:
could you give me an example?


In my personal case, I have actively contributed to the forums for 6 months as well as having reported and fixed some code issues in the repository before being offered an avatar. It then took another 2 months to receive the finished picture (the illustrators were very busy back then).

It seems that you will qualify as long as you stick around for 4~6 months contributing back to the community, either by helping in the forums, improving the game engineโ€™s code or making new levels.

Ultimately, I believe โ€œsignificant contributionโ€ is quite subjective and up to the staffโ€™s judgement.


Alright! Thanks A lot I really appreciate it !:+1::+1::ok_hand:

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