Yikes, major bug! :( Done button skips any level any locked item equip-able


Hey folks, please look at this ASAP. My classes aren’t going to use codecombat till this gets fixed.

My Students discovered a glitch in codecombat and I locked them out of the website as soon as I saw it.

There is a new “done” button that lets players finish any level and get all the rewards and gems without writing any code at all. Yikes!

It also is allowing them to equip any locked item with out paying for it.

Before I caught it a number of my students had used the done button to skip a bunch of levels and get the rewards too without learning anything. :frowning:


Screenshots to show what I mean.


That is honestly the weirdest thing I have ever seen check to see if your students are hackers or are using a hacking program and try to report this to @Bryukh. Though I doubt that a glitch like this could happen because I have done everything possible in multiple levels of code combat and it is more likely your students have discovered hacking try to see if they have used any websites that could help make this possible.


Reply appreciated, but I took those screen shots on my account, on my own PC after I saw what was going on. It seems to have stopped, my guess now is that it was some kind of developer mode that got accidentally turned on for everyone.


Thanks. I reported about our team. It’s not “developer” mode. Looks like some bug.


This should be fixed now. Thanks for the report!


Confirmed that it is fixed, thank you!


Sorry about that, we spotted the error and fixed it about an hour after it popped up. If you see things that effect class use, please email support@codecombat.com or use the Intercom button (should be a blue button in the bottom right corner) to send us a message.


You could still do this with developers mode.