What is the best thing you can buy

Hi, a lot of topics where made into community influence. This is a topic to discuss what’s best and what to buy… Most of the time this is what I think to my self “What should I buy, this or this…OoooOOh that looks cool”. The community can give you ideas or tell you about the ability’s the weapon’s have. Enjoy!

What do you mean by the best thing, do you mean if you are going to put it on Media, or to go in battle and top the leaderboard and you want people to see your equipment and go wow.

Not really… Some people wonder what to buy like me. I usally have the right armor but i wonder if theres other items with abilitys that can help me. I sometimes go to higher levels to help

Show us your armor please so we can help

this is it

How many gems do you have now and what levels have you completed that are non-sub.

image lol im poor


You can get more gems by completing levels, if you need help you can always ask for it. For right now just stick with what you got


Like milton said, complete levels to get more gems, then buy better stuff. I recommend getting Enameled Dragonplate Armor (the chestpiece) once you have enough gems…