What should I do with 5k gems

What should i do with my gems

this is my armour

nvr mind i got it (20 chars)

My set ( 20 characters)

Try to but the Boots of Leaping and the Deflector.

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um i don’t have deflector i guess i could save i have 3266 gems right now though…

or should i get enameled dragonshield

No. Keep for the Deflector because it is better.

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oh ok but i don’t really use bash

Just try to get the Deflector because it is better overall than enameled dragonshield, so the Deflector is the one I reccomand you to get, but in the end it is your choise so try to make your best choise that you can make.

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ok i’ll get it now i got enough completed loads of levels

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i only suggested those was because gems too little

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Have you completed all the levels in CoCo? If not, I advise you not to get anything too expensive. This is because you may need to buy something that is required to complete the level, and you want to be sure you have enough gems for that.

P.S. I got stuck on a level on which I needed the Boots of Leaping, and I didn’t have enough gems. By completing some multiplayer levels, I got more gems. What’s my point here? I’m talking from experience.


Also, just in case…in the Glacier, some of the subscriber levels require Ritic (29k), so I’d keep that in mind too.


Yes, but I recomand to complete all the other levels first and then make the Ritic levels and try to save up gems for him from now and after you buy him, you can continue to get equipment or other heroes.

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Um I’m not a subscriber and I’m only at cloudrip mountains

That’s ok…my comment was just a suggestion/reminder in case you were. If you choose not to subscribe, which is perfectly ok, you should still do fine. Just be careful on spending, since once you do spend, you can’t get it back.

yeah i guess so(20chars)