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What is the codecombat goal?


I personally have same idea to learn coding but here some times. I feel the level so hard that goal was forgotten the goal of learning to code. with focus on earn money with make the level harder to force to pay for buying stuff can cause damage the brilliant idea of game. that can cause damage the game at the end too.


I’ve got to disagree. The only levels i feel are truly hard so far are the one I made “The Trials” and the replayable ones, but only because they scale up to insane difficulties. But they start easy and work their way up. People always seem to find something to complain about. can’t please everybody. There’s plenty of folks who actually want more challenging levels, The code combat team really does not focus on making levels difficult.


i agree i am not complain. as i love the game. and i am only suggest to improve the game as i hope can reach hundreds of million people across word. i say people have choice to jump for instance some level i believe this type of education can work better than any school or university. so, for reach this goal need some hard decision. for example same as"sarven brawl"started from easy and then for whom want challenging become harder.


I disagree that people ought to have the choice to skip levels. There’s a certain flow in what is being taught, as the game works its way through its silent symphony. Allowing people to skip levels can actually be detrimental for learning the basics, and for keeping the flow happening.

If people want to play on a new account with the same programming language, they can simply copy & paste the code from their ‘completed’ account to the ‘new’ one, in order to zip through the levels rapidly.

And the harder levels become active in the harder areas of the game. Not all levels need to be ‘sarven brawl’-esque :slight_smile: If all levels were like Sarven Brawl, it would leave no room for people to go back and optimize their code, since the next time they’d face the level (after completion) it would be harder. Which can lead to discouragement for new coders. Maybe have an OPTION to play it at a harder difficulty, but not make harder difficulty be a REQUIREMENT.