Suggestion: Replay a Level at a Harder Difficulty

I’ve been trying learning to code JS for about 2-3 years, but I’ve grown much more from CodeCombat. Why?

It’s more than just the fact that it turns coding into a game, but because of “Repetition is the mother of skill”.
Since I repeat the code over and over again the frameworking of the code is easier to remember.

So here’s the Suggestion:

When you get done with a level - it would be cool if you could replay that same level at a harder difficulty.
Imagine a button with 3 options at the top of the page that changes the text in the code editor box.

The options in the dropdown button would be:

  • Easy: The level you just beat with all the comments/code
  • Medium: Level without code, just comments
  • Hard: Level without code or comments
    (Each option of this 3 option dropdown will store the code in editor in it)

This would increase the replayability of each level and would be something for someone to do if they are getting stuck at a certain point along the way.

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We already have replayable levels. See the Kithgard Brawl, Backwoods Brawl + Treasure and Sarven Brawl + Treasure + Siege and Cloudrip Brawl + Treasure + Siege.

If you wanted to do the Easy Medium and Hard thing, (which I personally think is a little pointless), you can just go back into the level and delete everything and write it from scratch, if you could somehow make yourself forget the code you’ve just written.

The replayable levels you mention have different objectives than what I’m explaining. The objective of having a difficulty button is to recreate the code without prompts and preloaded comments/code.

And yes, I suppose a user can just go in and delete comments/code, but a button would be easier.

There are series of levels where they include the comments then the following levels they give more practice on the concept and they gradually remove the support wheels from the bicycle until you could independently utilize the concept yourself. (In the desert world i think)

@nick, this might be a good feature to work on. Might be a good one on the roadmap.

Toggled bump so it won’t go on top of list.