What is the powerup for swords

i am not sure what the powerup for the swords are i am going to buy

i have to get a sword that are good for scouts


Search for the item, look at the properties:
combat.Attacks component gives you info on the attack, the DPS will be attackDamage/cooldown

combat.PowersUp gives you info on the power-ups

For Darksteel-blade you have:
cooldown 1s
duration 5s
factor: 0.33333
specific cooldown: 12s

Combined with the descrition on the sword, every 12s you can cast power-up, casting takes 1s and it will reduce your attack time to 0.3333 of intial time = you’ll attack 3 times faster

So the resulting DPS will be: 6s * normalDPS + 5s * 3* normalDPS + 1s 0 DPS (casting) / 12s =
= 21/12 normal DPS = 57.1 *21/12 = 99.95

Basically it does 100 DPS

Runestone sword is cheap and it does 200DPS but an attack takes more than one second
Sword of temple guards is supper expensive, does also 200DPS but you can attack 4 times a second

When you fight a tower with 2000health there is no difference between the two, but when you are surrounded by throwers with 13 health, the temple guard kills them 4 times faster.

The goliath warrior has a 1.6 attack factor and 2 health factor so it will kill 4 scout per second with the temple guard sword
Temple guard ~ 54 per hit * 1.6 factor = 87 damage per hit
Scout HP = 70

ok so i will try to get it but the gloves first

plus what is the other sword you unlock at lvl 66 and how much damage and how fast does it hit

Tharin has 1.2 damage factor so 54*1.2= 64 (sorry, it will take 2 hits to kill a scout).

I think lvl 66 is impossible to get and those are items which are not yet released. Don’t count on them, anyway