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Best Sword In CodeCombat


Looking for a new sword. Which one is better?

Sword of the Temple Guard:

50 Damage / 200 DPS (4x Swings / 1 Second)

Sword of the Forgotten

100 Damage / 200 DPS (2x Swings / 1 Second)

Please do not answer with its your choice or depends on situation.


I ended up getting the Sword of the Temple Guard. My logic was that the hero could swing it faster than the other and I think it may have cost a little less (maybe? I forget now, but that’s something I would have considered).

Apart from that the DPS differences are minimal (SotTG 206.1 vs SotF 211.5) when you’re talking about attacking enemies with higher health, and the difference is irrelevant with lower-health enemies. I just wish one of these had cleave or power-up!


It seems like they are equal.
50 damage times 4 swings a second = 200.
100 damage to 2 swings per second times 100 damage = 200.
So logic is against you but I would do sword of forgotten you could get an extra blow right before someone with temple guard and that could mean winning or losing.


I think fast sword is almost always better
The only case then high damage sword is better ( but it is runesword not sword of forgotten )
It is the damage done leaderboard
If you use high damage sword you can do more over-damage per enemy


I have both now so if I run into a situation where my favoured sword is no good I’ll swap to the SoF to test that theory out


Ya get the sword of forgotten and then get the sword of the temple guard. Then you have an advantage depending on the situation of the level.


Lol. I got runesword because I didn’t know about these swords.


what about the sword you unlock at level 66? I am only level 39, so, yeah.


The morning’s edge? It does like 24 dmg. 94 dps.


What is the ability? That doesn’t seem too good. : (


That’s later in the game.


@Chaboi_3000 What is the ability though?


It depends. If there’s a horde, then the faster attacking sword is better.


@Chaboi_3000 What is the ability though? (For morning’s edge?)


Nothing yet. (20 chars)


wow, that is not as good as sword of forgotten then