What is this level? (maybe easter egg)

I have never encountered this level before

So if anyone knows let me know
(maybe it’s an ester egg that no one has encountered but I don’t think so)

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I mean there’s several easter eggs; but I doubt any of them are related to this.
Interesting; I’m kinda curious now and I’ll look into this too

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Just a random player-created level from 2015, I guess. Any published level can show up in the level search in the editors, even if we haven’t included it in a campaign, so there are lots of player-made levels (most of which aren’t really playable).


yay nick’s back

Hi nick

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nick nick can you please fix the book of life bug

What is the Book of Life bug?

In the description it said it gives a 2x boost to damage and health, but fr it only gives to health, no damage boost is applied, which makes it very weak.

Also elemental codex need a buff.