[SOLVED] Level Scores Bug!?

Hello, I would like to discuss what may be a bug. Up until yesterday, I haven’t paid much attention to the SCORES button that appears in the bottom left corner of a level pop-up. An example of a pop-up:


Now here is an image of the same level:

This is not my equipment, or code. The comments are in another language, and I do not currently have a subscription or the hero Hattori. I used to have Hattori due to a past subscription a few years ago, but I have reset my progress this year and have never bought another subscription other then the aforementioned one:

This seems kind of cool, because I can look at other people’s code to see what I could’ve done , or what I did wrong, and also to use cool equipment and heroes. The later reason I think this is cool would be really important to me, because I wouldn’t have to pay to experience the equipment and coding aspect of a subscription. Even though I would still be missing out on the vast number of subscription levels that could help to introduce me to more varieties of coding scenarios and the lack of periodic frustration of having to search through past levels to find what I need to practice on, I feel this is something that may help replace that in some way perhaps.

I didn’t categorize this as bugs because I wasn’t sure this is a bug. My question is, is this a bug?

P.S. Less importantly, in the future if I’m unsure whether something I’m posting about is a bug, should I categorize it as a bug, assuming I’m not going to post it in the Github issues?

This is not a bug.

I’m pretty sure that you stated the exact reason why.