What is wrong with this picture?

“What is wrong with this picture?” (WIWWTP)
Here is what this topic is for:

posting a picture that has some stat/name/value/whatever wrong with HTML editing
posting a picture that has an equipment glitch or problem with or without HTML editing
posting a picture that has some kind of icon/text wrong (like log out would be log in, or something) with HTML editing


  1. name the level if you are showing equipment
  2. follow discourse rules (duh)
  3. don’t make the value super hard to notice (like the stat bar has something out of 200, don’t just change the value by 1, it’s not exactly easy to see)
  4. only pictures of coco/google (home page of google, no searches)
  5. must have 1 or more problems

Level: Kelvintaph Defiler

2 problems with this one

subscriber on and worn dragon.

You already have the boss star 4, and you also already have a pet even though is says subscriber only!!

Correct :]

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I don’t see a problem with worn dragon???

you can get pet in(CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript).
It might be a glitch.
(i don’t see what is wrong)

It’s just that for normal levels you can’t really get a pet unless you glitch it like I did :]

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Yeah, I have the cougar pet too and I did not subscribe