What level do you have to beat in Cloudrip Mountain to unlock Kelvintaph Glacier

Not much to add to description.

Currently, beating Summit’s Gate unlocks the Glacier map.

However, the CodeCombat team may be considering to change the final mountain level to something easier.

Do you know how many levels it takes to get to Summit’s Gate? (excluding the subscribed levels)

If I’m reading the campaign editor correctly, the mountain map’s shortest path to Summit’s Gate has about 20~25 levels. It doesn’t seem very linear, though.

Note that new levels are released weekly and more levels may be added in the middle of this campaign progression at any time. This is usually a good thing, as these will get you more prepared for the extremely challenging Summit’s Gate.

im not at glacier but most of the levels seem like hold off the hordes and that is really easy when you can raise the dead and summon undead and summon Burl