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How long did it take you to to finish the campaign? Asking players


I know that levels keep coming out, and there is no real finish to the game, but how long did it take you to make it to the to Kelvintaph Glacier?


@LordCthulhu Are you asking this of the students/players?


Players. I’ll edit it to that


@LordCthulhu I think I finished it within the first month. I got up to the glacier within about a week if I remember correctly. Then I began to look at custom levels, and hard to find levels.


Took you a week to get to Glacier? It’s been taking me months and I’m still on Cloudrip :confused:


I have programmed before. So its not a good benchmark. It was around 40+ hours more or less of game play before reaching it I believe. So days may not be as good a bench mark.


Playing the free campaign, it took me a weekend (about two days) to get from the beginning to Summit’s Gate, then another 3 days to beat Summit’s Gate.

Of course, I’m already a professional developer and I’ve done this a good time ago, when CodeCombat had about half of the levels it has now—that means it was much faster to blaze through the campaign, but it also means Summit’s Gate was even more of a challenge due to the shortage of gems.


How long do you think it should take for someone to complete it? It’s been taking me nine months.


It’s really hard to tell, really. Programming is one of the areas with the largest skill gaps; it is not uncommon to find students that learn ten times as fast as others. It also depends on how much of your time you can dedicate to studying programming.

I guess the whole point of CodeCombat is that you can take it on your own rhythm, as slow or as fast as you want. :slight_smile:


@UltCombo good points.


There are many ways to look at that.

Did you find that you slowed down in later campaigns (Mountain, Glacier) or has your progress been steady through out? I mean was it 1 month/ 1 campaign world in the beginning and now its taking 4 months to get through glacier?

I suppose it might come to, is there anything you wish that was taught, that you had to overcome yourself? Or are there concepts that you feel that you are struggling with still that might benefit from being described more?


I started slowing down on Cloudrip, and I’m struggling with concepts like Math Operations and algorithms.


What part about Math is confusing? Is it the actual operations or how to use them?

I mean, are you getting stuck with actually doing the computations for the equations? Or is it more of a, “What is the “Math” object”, question.

Algorithms. That is a place I am sure everyone has some challenges. I spent more time rethinking my approach then coding it.


Actually, I looked back at some of the levels and realized that math has been easy for me. The real challenge is algorithms, and my first level with that is library tactician, and I’ve been on that for a couple months.


@LordCthulhu have you ever tried to write down a strategy using pencil and paper?

In the past this has always helped me. I draw diagrams of what I want things to do and then write up how they should act.

Rather like putting on a play. You have actors, a stage, and things that happen over time.

I ask myself questions like:

Where should my Archer named Alleria be when the really big ogre shows up?

You can manually record when different things occur and place them in a time line.