What should I get with 65k gems?

I have 65,007 gems and i have the best warrior gear and I haven’t bought any non-starter heroes yet, what should I get?

Subscriber starting with sarven
Non-subscriber on glacier

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buy everything u don’t hav as collection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got Usara, the Vine staff, and the Elemental Codex V so far

get embrod griffin armor + all tomes level V (for the memes)
also maybe get ritic and best stuff for him (sparkbomb,gift of the trees,dragon armor, etc)


what is the collection of heroes that you have not bought yet.

I got only Usara + best gear for wizards
I have around 23k right now
Saving to buy Ritic

I think you should buy Illia and Senick and get the best armour for Ranger and Wizard. After that you should think about ritic, because Ritic without Gift of the Trees and best armour is nothing.