What type of hero should I buy? I have 20729

what type of hero should I buy

how many gem do you have but i suggest buy ritic or okar

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I have okar and Ritc, very expensive

I have 20,723 gems :grinning:

hmmm pender? charssss

I think I am going to do pender

I have second best armor and third best spell book

or zana for speed zan a plus ring of speed lol

I have fourth best armor for ranger

I can also buy ranger equipment but how much will I have left?

5 thousands i think ?

I have senick and reinforced crossbow

idea you can save up your gem to 23 thousands that by the best backstab weapons for ritic

which one that has backstab? I have bone dagger

the level 18 or level 17

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I think you should buy Illia and Nalfar.

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Shiver. I prefer Ranger.

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I don’t know how I can get better ranger armor if I buy shiver I only have forth best armor

I think, first get good heroes and armours for them, then complete levels and replayable levels to get gems and only after that get expensive items, like shiver, etc.

I have Nalfar and Senick

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