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Whats the point of simulating games in dueling grounds


so i was wondering whats the point of simulating gams in dueling grounds other then to get a high place or if theres like a actual reaon?


I’m not completely sure but simulating is just a way to see how you go up against other players. I’m pretty sure it only helps you get a higher score in ladder. That includes all multiplayer games.


oh ok got it thx…


Also, you generate gems and exp doing this.


do you know the rate of gems and exp to simulated games


in theory: Need better gear? Earn gems for simulating games
in reality: I didn’get gems from simulating games more than a year…


wow i havnt gotten any as well


do you know any easy achievments that arnt like ones for completing levels


You get the simulated games achievement.


how many simulated games


You get the achievement when you do about 500 I think.
It’s good if you do it enough, I’ve simulated quite a lot of games (about 75,000) and I’ve got 1,500 gems. So it’s not completely useless, and I know Munkey has got 9,000 gems (It’s problably a bit more now) from simulating. (although he has done 65,000,000 which is a bit insane).
Above all though I think simulating is most helpful for getting you up the multiplayer ladder.
Because if you don’t simulate then not many matches get played against you, meaning your code (however good it is) takes ages to get up the ladder.
:lion: :lion: :lion:


ight thx dude (20 car)