When does the dungeon stop putting levels?

The dungeon always keeps adding levels since I unlocked backwoods forest. Can someone help me so I can know when the levels will stop adding?

Well, these are just my two cents, but I think no one knows when levels are going to stop being created. As far as I know, it’s likely that there will always be new levels coming in since some users or the game designers are adding ways to teach basic syntax to new code learners. It’s not just in the dungeon. Adventurer levels are being added in various worlds. Also, the Glacier and Volcano world are still under development.

But as you already unlocked the Forest campaign, the new dungeon levels are optional. :slight_smile:


Its up to the developers if they want to stop adding levels or not. Currently, the schedule is a new level every 2 weeks, most of them involve the use of “pets”. I say you should not worry about running out of levels, since you are only in forest, and have a long way to go before completing the game.

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