Finding more free levels

This has probably been answered before, but I can’t seem to find a solution. In Kithgard Dungeon, it shows that I’ve completed 16/33 levels, and on Backwoods Forest it says I’ve completed 5/43. In neither world can I find any other free levels (the only ones showing are the completed red ones and the blue star ones), and no other world is unlocked. But I’ve only completed a total of 21 levels, right? So shouldn’t I have 49 free levels to go?

Sixty is only an approximate number. What is the latest level you have completed?

I believe the last level I completed was Patrol Buster . . .

Try this village-guard.

That seems to have worked! Thank you!

Sometimes it forgets (or maybe it didn’t make it across the internet right the first time) and then you have to redo the level that gave you the reward (item, next level).