When exactly does colossus clash end

Previously, it ended at 12:00 PM on the last night of the month, but since it changed to December 14, does that mean it ends the day before(13th) at midnight, or at December 14 at midnight?

It will end at 11:59 PM PST at the end of Tuesday, December 14. (We moved it up from New Year’s Eve, since who wants to be submitting code then?!)

Uh oh, wasn’t expecting this and wouldn’t have noticed it except for this post. It’s going to really affect our family’s ability to take part as we’d been planning on using the school vacation time to work on it. There’s a good chance other school-going kids might have planned on that too.

Any chance you folks can reverse this schedule change or at least push it back a week? Or push it out to after New Year’s? Honestly we’d been looking forward to it as one of our activities during the still-mainly-stay-at-home holiday season.

colossus or giants gate
cuz if colossus
its 2 days left…

Both Colossus and Giant’s Gate will end at the same time, and the new Iron and Ice arena will go live then (and continue to evolve throughout the beginning of season 4).

@Smloh Sorry about the not-so-great notice on that. We also realized that our team isn’t going to be having much time to administer the end of the tournament at that time, plus those students playing in classrooms would be in different classes if we waited until next semester, so I think the end-of-year seasons (3, 6, etc.) will usually end around this time.


No worries, Nick! Those are important reasons. And hopefully you folks can be done in time to take a real break over the holiday season.

Seeing how many people are active on Colossus Clash, it looks like it’s going to be another exciting conclusion.

Looking forward to the new arenas!

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Did colossus clash end? The tournament page says it ends in 13 hours, but the new Ice and Iron arena shows up on the main page and the winners are being shown.

It didn’t end. We may have some bug where Iron and Ice is being shown early (it’s been one of those mornings over here!). View the tournament page you mentioned at https://codecombat.com/play/ladder/colossus?tournament=61983f74fd75db5e28ac127a as the source of truth for latest countdown on Colossus tournament–that’s not showing the winners, it’s just showing the current state of the leaderboard, which will be snapshotted in just under 12 hours.

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