When will Lava Lake end?

Hello, I just remembered, last year Colossus Clash ended earlier than normally scheduled, is it the same for Lava Lake aswell? @Bryukh @nick


Will there be a count down display in the ladder pages?

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Most likely. That is how it worked last time. At least that’s how it worked for the last one I was in.

And on a completely different note, I like your profile picture. Could you PM me who it is and which anime it is from?

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@ZAX155 Thanks for sharing your experience. I think that there are more difficult challenges coming in the last few days. Enjoyful.

For my profile picture, let her introduce herself to you :smile: FF7R Intermission Yuffie intro - YouTube

Any update on this? Are you planning to stop before the month is over?

From the lava-lake bug thread, Admin tells that the game will close before 1st Jan. Then they will do a grand simulation with our codes. Hope to see how it turns out.

The tournament link, with the countdown, is here: CodeCombat Lava Lake Tournament