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When is Ritic going to be 29000 gems?


I saw before this 9999999 gem ritic it was 29000 when is it gonna be back to 29000 gems?


Maybe when the developers have finished adding all the final touches to him. :slight_smile:


I already finished level behind the darkness though


I guess that means that Ritic is unlocked for purchase, but the high price probably means that the developers aren’t quite finished with him yet.


It would be a surprise if someone bought I though.

I don’t get it why put him out before he is done.


Probably just to tell players that Ritic is coming really, really soon and to keep their eyes peeled.
Honestly I don’t know either :sweat_smile:


To be honest, if you think about it, someone could purchase gems with real money and unlcok him right now :laughing:


Thinking about it, even 9999999 gems seems really flimsy and they should set it to like infinity :smile::smirk:


Yeah, I hope so, too.