[Humor] CodeCombat Released Ritic The Cold


I logged onto CodeCombat only to see this on my heroes screen. But the excitement didn’t last long @nick

Whether this was a troll or accidental leak, it still is very funny.

Ritic the cold level

I doubt anyone has 999999 gems, but still LOL :joy::joy::joy::gem::gem::gem:


On the other hand, it does look like Ritic has some cool special abilities


Definitely. I can’t wait to test “Blink” :smile::smile:


Agree. We should add one more 9 to the price :wink:


Almost 10 MILLION gems?!


if you are in ‘god mode’, can you use rittic


What is “god mode”? I’m interested :heart_eyes:


Same for me too. What is god mode?


[quote=“Hellenar, post:10, topic:11409, full:true”]
What is “god mode”? I’m interested :heart_eyes:

Try typing IDDQD - :wink:

The classic first person shooter doom from 1993 hat a “god mode” rendering your hero invulnarable
OK, better explanation follows :wink:


check out this topic How do you achieve "God Mode"?


Okay, now Ritic the cold is now 29000 gems.