(glitch) why do i have like -300 gems?

i just finished a level and got 200 gems and when i came back i had -300 gems
help me PLZ!
I used to have 1000 gems

does anyone know how to fix it?

oh hi danny:grinning:

do you know how to fix this glitch:confused:?

NO i cant i am not a maker

Oh, this glitch is back. Darn, I was hoping Nick and staff had gotten rid of it.

The backstory of the original is that when Nick was setting up some new acheivements, something caused them to fire a bunch of times, granting players thousands of gems. When Nick realized, he took the gems away. However, some players had already spent those gems, and so ended up with negative gems. We’d better call @nick.

OK so this was not the first time it happened :open_mouth:

he still does not have it fixed @nick

Be patient. Nick has a job and a life besides CodeCombat. He’ll get to you.

hello does this usually take this long

Yes, actually. It took a week before my issue with the negative gems was resolved.

I reset all your purchases to make sure the data is consistent; you can buy the right items that you wanted now. Hope this helps.

ok so now he has all his gems he used and then he has no gear or anything