[SOLVED] The Volcano Campaign has Disappeared!

What’s happened?

Is there not going to be a Volcano Campaign? Or is this the big something @Chaboi_3000 was talking about? Will there be no endgame for CodeCombat? :scream:!

Edit: Or is it under development? Maybe they have removed it so that the levels don’t show…

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What!? I want to check this!

Is there a link to this post or topic? I really wanna check

It’s still there if you check the HTML code. It seems like the new GD3 campaign pushed the Volcano map outside of the canvas, so it doesn’t show anymore.


Right, it accidentally got pushed out when GD3 appeared. It’ll be back on there with the next deploy, but we still don’t have any levels for volcano world.


New free level when?:yawning_face:

Will there be a GD4 or a WD3?

how do you get into gd3 Or is it not published yet( wow school puts my life under a rock)

wait theres a new game delvelment level

when is volcano world gonaa come out?

In a looong time. They have lot’s of work to do.

Right then, it seems that the actual answer was less exciting than my predictions! I think I got a little bit carried away with my wild ideas! I apologise if I got anyone’s hopes up too high :sweat_smile:.


To unlock GD3 (if you are a paid subscriber), replay the level Decoy Drill in the desert.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the volcano world was shelved as a whole. Glacier is so empty that it’s probably not another few years until volcano gets released.


How empty? (20chars)

only 50 levels, 32 free.

I meant a rough amount of users in the glacier out of the total amount of users that have used CodeCombat.

I passed glacier easily.

There are 51 levels in the glacier that I know of.

Including Giants Gate.