When should I use the time warp spell?

So I just purchased the Book of Life V for the higher level of regen. I’m really confused by time warp. I understand what it does, I’m just not sure why I would ever want to do it. Can someone give me a case where I would want to slow myself and everything around me down for a few seconds? If it was just the things around me, that would be awesome. Or if I could target a bunch of enemies, but not myself.

Just curious what a use for the spell might be.

Does it also slow regen-effects on you?
Also might be usable in the last seconds of a brawl, when everything is coming after you. Slow down the projectiles and gain just the extra-second needed for survival.
If standing in the back collecting gold you can use the spell to slow down the Gold-Cloud. This way you might be slower for a moment but don’t have to walk as far afterwards. Assumes you have the Gold-Wand (which has nice stats anyway in my opinion).
If you (at one point in the future get a corresponding spell) teleport to another position shortly before hell breaks loose on your position you might be able to avoid a lot of damage. Or even better, swap with an enemy and let them take the punishment meant for you (I’m looking at you, catapults).

I’m not sure if all this will work, just made assumptions how the game might work. I will test further in the next few days.

But I would also like if you could target an area or another target.

I do have the gold wand.

OK, I guess I could see, I’m surrounded by enemies with a projectile coming, time-warp, teleport away. The extra time in survival makes more sense. Interesting idea with the gold cloud. But does slowing it down also slow down its drop rate?

That would be the question and is related to the regen-effect. If all effects (including fear, regen, slow, hasten ect.) are slowed and/or prolonged this sounds like it could get be abused pretty badly. I’m waiting for creative uses in Multiplayer.

You could slow down everything an then have your archers outside of the range shoot the opponents inside

I don’t think that the effects on you will get slowed, currently. Gold clouds don’t have effects.Effects, so they wouldn’t get slowed.

You do get slowed less than everyone else, 50% speed instead of 25% speed. The most easily useful strategy would be what Feinty said: slow a bunch of enemies while leaving your friends unslowed for a big fight. Waiting to see how many other tactics like J_F_B_M suggests end up being useful. But yeah, I haven’t found it to be too handy so far. Maybe we should change it to something more fun; ideas?

Maybe drop a plant that has a certain amount of life and heals your allies

I mean, something that would still be called "time-warp". We could make a new spell and put it on the book of life instead, but Time Warp should still do something cool.

sets your health / stats to a certain time period in the level

So basically you cast it now and 10 seconds into the future the state from now will be restored? Or you cast it now and your state from 10 seconds before is restored?

Would it reset your position (which would be cool for strange tactics)? Time-Warp is a crazy thing, everything can happen.

Maybe you cast it twice. The first saves your state, the second resets your state. Maybe the cooldown only affects the second cast, not the first. So you could cast it, do a couple things then cast it again, rather quickly, or wait for quite a while before casting for the second time. Would it also affect those nearby?

Of course, the obvious use it if is going to reset my stats, I want to save the state at the beginning of the level, so when I cast again, I’m reset to full health and no cooldowns active. But if it also resets the amount of gold I have, this might be a problem (for the player) …

I would say you have to reactivate it before a certain time, e.g. not later than 3 seconds after first cast.

This way you would still get a strong spell but it wouldn’t be too strong. Imagine saving your state at the start and resetting it 120 seconds later. The amount of magic you would have to store inside of you would simply burn you from inside, damaging instead of resetting you… That is actually a good idea.

Force the player to watch the clock and either dispel or activate the time warp before the timer runs out.


A maze where you have to activate levers located in dead ends to open the main-gate. When a lever is activated the dead-end is closed and the player trapped… unless he saved his position before entering with Time Warp so he can return to it with a second cast.